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Cotton price stability - Pakistan's political and economic change Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
Over the past seven days ( On July 25 31) , Pakistan's political and economic situation change, the domestic and export market for cotton prices have remained stable. It is reported that Pakistan's election result in domestic trade, and rupees rebound signs or for a period of time in the future must have positive effect on cotton spinning industry. The personage inside course of study is expected in the next few weeks, the newly elected federal and provincial government will make more changes in the economic field. According to statistics, over the past seven days, Pakistan and ICE period cotton cotton prices rising trend in contrast, sarkozy to pull the spot price has fallen to 8800 rupees 500 rupees/candesartan, fell by 5. 38%. Fee Sarah's 30 s pure cotton yarn market price stability 3. 41 usd/kg, 30 s pure cotton combed yarn stability 3 CNF export prices for five consecutive weeks. $33 / kg. Because of the influence of China's seasonal slowdown in demand Pakistan cotton yarn exports, Pakistan spinning mill yarn inventory increased at present. Chemical fiber, over the past seven days, polyester staple fiber prices stable, Pakistan has not raised with China prices, including 1. 4 d polyester staple fiber prices stable 180 rupees ($/ kg. Over the past seven days, viscose fiber prices continue to rise to 270 rupees ($/ kg, is expected to there is room to rise further in the coming days.
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