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by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
At present, small and medium-sized mills,. ltd and traders to inventory pressure rise, part of the textile mill has first to adjust our offer down, trying to occupy the advantageous position, but the author analysis, 8, 9 month of cotton yarn can be adjusted downward space is very narrow, short-term is given priority to with steady even low-rising rebound, reasons are as follows: a, domestic cotton prices in a stalemate. Since late July, textile mills, traders from prolonged national cotton reserves round a month and a wait-and-see attitude temporarily, small and medium-sized FangQi raw material inventory falling, in late August for library work, national cotton reserves to clinch a deal or will be hot. In addition, due to the national cotton reserves since the mid to late June season round out the price rising, traders are hoarding the cost price of cotton are also common in more than 14000 yuan/ton, money is likely to squeeze through, weather hype factors such as raising zheng period, national cotton reserves of bidding price, to spot the solution set of hoarding. Second, domestic cotton prices to adjust the space is little, import yarn with domestic yarn hangs the trend of short-term difficult to change. From the time point of view, India 2016/17 time to market of the crop to wait until December, India mills to tide over the period of about three and a half months period? Due to the CCI inventory is very low, only a handful of small and medium-sized spinning mill procurement and 8/9/10 in almost have no choice but the Brazilian cotton ( 2016 Australian cotton have been sold out) , so the cotton ginning mill S - 6 it is difficult to less than 90 cents/lb. Considering the reach export is blocked because of high prices, high cost of feedstocks, such as India, Pakistan, Vietnam since July of mills production, production, collapse continues to rise, the proportion of the decline in the number of cotton yarn exports, delivery, shipment, basically give priority to in order to satisfy the demands of domestic customers, so cotton FOB and CNF, CIF quotation symbolic callback, cotton yarn prices are still hangs 300 - both inside and outside 500 yuan/ton; Three, cotton, polyester cotton textile factory, short, short raw materials such as high price, high cost make the yarn price is relatively strong. From the point of investigation, in mid-august the domestic various FangQi use cotton is given priority to with bidding of national cotton reserves in late June, Supplemented by imports of cotton, domestic cotton 2015/16) , 13500 - a daily average concentration 15500 yuan/ton, part of high quality hand picked cotton prices in more than 16000 yuan/ton, even even by calculating average purchase price 14500 yuan/ton, C32S knitting yarn cost is 22000 yuan/ton ( Light textile market prices) If the national cotton reserves average daily price continues to fall, cotton yarn can also move down? In addition, zheng cotton in recent months, contracts, recently commodity cotton (auction price Pick up cotton 2015/16 machine to clinch a deal around 14300 yuan/ton) The prices are - in 14000 14500 yuan/ton, cotton spot can fall? So the cotton yarn in the down bottom, up on the top of the state.
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