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Cotton imports continue to see - Bangladesh Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
According to media reports, with the increase of cotton prices and yields, Bangladesh cotton consumption is expected to continue to increase. In recent years, the fast rise in number of textile enterprises in Bangladesh, cotton clothing imports surged, cotton imports also grow. At present, Bangladesh is the world's largest cotton importer, as a result of domestic cotton consumption almost completely rely on imports, Yield only meet the needs of 3%) Expanding, Bangladesh's cotton import demand, imports more than $3 billion. By 2020, Bangladesh cotton imports will reach 7. 9 million packages ( 1. 72 million tons) 。 At present, the Indian cotton accounted for 55% of Bangladesh demand for cotton. As other countries of the textile production to chemical fiber and viscose products gradually, global cotton consumption is on the decline in recent years. Cotton prices also make clothing prices fell, the market is expected to clothing purchasing cost down 6 - 7%.
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