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Cotton futures will cheer - listed on cotton industry in years Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
Research in recent years in hubei, hebei, shandong, zhejiang, jiangsu, xinjiang cotton ginning mill, cotton textile factory, garment factory, found that after years of cotton, cotton yarn price volatility, coupled with the cotton textile apparel industry competition, reduced profits, many stakeholders cotton enterprises encountered more difficulties in the operation, and the impact of imported cotton, cotton yarn, and the transfer of the cotton textile industry in our country, such as enterprise for use on cotton futures and futures market platform needs strong tools to avoid market risk. In this case, to strengthen the construction of stakeholders cotton futures market, perfect the system of the varieties, and foster a cotton professional talents and so on appears especially important. 'The future of cotton futures listed, we will be according to their own situation, to develop new development ideas, efforts to improve their own competitiveness, for textile and garment industry of new and greater vitality. 'Part of the cotton textile enterprise controller tells a reporter, the current domestic cotton textile industry a new development trend, new features are mainly concentrated in the following aspects: one is the enterprise product innovation consciousness enhancement, the added value of the product was improved. It is understood that the current many enterprises in such aspects as product innovation into more energy, increase the enterprise benefit mainly benefited from these aspects. The second is the steady rise of cotton consumption of cotton textile industry. 3 it is accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises and enterprise automation level has improved significantly. Four is evident in the trend of decline in exports, that is to say, the situation of the international market is still not optimistic, cotton downstream products of pressure is bigger. Five is imported cotton growth slowed, this suggests that the market competitiveness of domestic cotton yarn has a certain degree of increase, the operation of the whole industry is good in stability.
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