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by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
Held on August 18, zhengzhou Commodity Exchange cotton futures market news conference. China cotton textile industry association President zhu north spoke at the news conference. China cotton textile industry association north zhu na said, cotton futures listed for cotton textile industry is a major event, cotton futures will become the cotton textile industry authority benchmark price. In addition, she also pointed out that the cotton futures market will bring positive influence of the three aspects of industry is a cotton textile industry operation stability; Second, stable industry operation order; Three is to improve the openness cotton textile enterprises. The full text to speech: hello! I'm very glad to here to do communication with you. Cotton futures market for cotton textile industry is a big deal, I on behalf of the association of cotton futures listed express our heartfelt congratulations! Cotton futures market timely, is our country market economy and the cotton spinning industry development to a certain degree of inevitable outcome. On the one hand, the textile industry needs the price discovery tool. In our government 'three to one drop one fill the' overall industrial policy guidance, cotton textile industry needs the authority of the benchmark price, to guide the enterprises and the whole quality, and the synergistic extraction, transformation and upgrading of the industry. On the other hand, the textile industry need to manage risk. At present, the management risk of the textile enterprises ability gradually improve, to have reasonable risk-averse tools, help textile enterprises to realize the steady operation, auxiliary industry development steadily. Therefore, the cotton futures listed meet the intrinsic demand of the development of the textile industry, many cotton futures market, the textile industry welcome hope cotton futures can inject fresh blood to the development of the textile industry. We expect, cotton futures listed will bring positive influence for industry, textile industry will be more stable, orderly and open. One is to promote cotton textile industry running stability. Cotton textile related workers reached more than 200, ten thousand people, the management circumstance of textile enterprises is a matter of local employment, economic development and social stability. Therefore, in the hope that the cotton futures for cotton textile enterprises in the provision of good risk management tools, stability of textile enterprises, increase employment opportunities. The second is stable industry operation order. After the cotton futures market, it can establish an effective price for cotton textile industry benchmarking, promote production efficiency. Also available for cotton textile enterprise as far as the forward price of 1 year, can efficiently reflect changes in market supply and demand in the future, help enterprises to arrange production, stable industry investment and the operation order. Three is to improve the openness cotton textile enterprises. Cotton futures can on two levels increase openness: cotton textile industry on the one hand, expand the opening to the outside world, help the implementation of the 'area' initiative. In cotton futures market after the stable operation, this association can be cooperate with nan Yang study the introduction of imported cotton yarn delivery mechanism, improve the degree of internationalization and the international influence of cotton futures market in China. , on the other hand, improve the industry open degree, pull the capital investment, to attract social capital focus on cotton textile industry development, let each department to recognize the importance of cotton textile industry sustainable development, boost the healthy and rapid development of cotton textile industry. I hope can reasonable use cotton futures textile enterprises. In essence, the futures market is the market service entity economy, its role is to find the price and manage risk. In participating in the process of the cotton futures, to assess the situation, effective judgment, carefully analyze the market, to reduce the investment risk. At the same time, I also want to participate in the futures market of textile enterprises, must be hard skills, improve the level of risk control, the use of good futures. A correct understanding of the futures market, start from the management, futures knowledge learning. The second is to build a professional team, cultivating talents, futures formed mature trading and risk control mechanism. Three is a scientific risk management, strict enforcement of hedging strategies, control the speculation. Next, we will promote in-depth cooperation, and zhengzhou Commodity Exchange to do a good job of enterprise training, guide rational textile enterprises to participate in the futures market. Finally, hope zhengzhou cotton futures market can function better, after service for entity enterprise, thank you!
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