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by:Chengyi     2020-07-12
Zheng cotton futures fell on Friday, ICE beauty cotton is in low also fell to a nearly eight and a half years, cotton market at home and abroad are covered under the epidemic spreading, at that time fell into the trough. Market players lament, ill-fated cotton when can out of the haze. Meant, yesterday began to rebound, zheng cotton in early trading today to jump up to empty open nearly 200 points, main CF2005 contract highs in the morning to 12715 yuan/ton; Monday outside dish for textile mill to support buying and risk, the dollar fell promote optimism, a rebound. Compared to the futures market rebound quickly, cotton spot rally is not ideal. On Monday began, a lot of wade cotton trade enterprises adjust the sales basis, according to the actual clinch a deal the conversion in 12500 - the mainstream prices 12800 yuan/ton, nearly two days, zheng cotton futures rebound bottom purchasing rhythm slow, together with the buyer on the short-term spot digestion progress has concerns, of lint sales form a larger resistance. According to xinjiang cotton ginning mill, professional warehouse feedback, the xinjiang cotton processing has yet to recover, most of the cotton ginning mill spot sales loss, the production and processing all basic still at a standstill. Fields (warehouse logistics is still not fully recover, most of the shipment of the railway, but most of the trucks service has not yet returned to normal. Thus, making XinJiangMian library mainland seemed cold and cheerless. Recently, due to the international cotton prices fell rapidly, cotton prices is poor has widened, inside and outside national cotton reserves into also temporarily stop, further narrowing the spot market sales channels. Although poor cotton inside and outside has widened, Qingdao port, zhangjiagang, imports of cotton spot than the domestic spot price advantage is not big. In Hong Kong selling Brazilian cotton XinJiangMian high 200 - 400 yuan/ton, only individual cotton, low-quality imports of cotton price is less than XinJiangMian in India. The main reason is that imports of cotton basis source volume accounted for the small, port traders is unilateral operation, fixed price more cheap sales difficulties. More cotton traders currently only temporarily keep watching, waiting for the price picks up again after operation. At present, the downstream FangQi recovery remains slow demand, the holiday to stay cautious, enterprises in the second quarter market movements in the short term inventory of raw material will lower. For the expansion of the outbreak in the global market, whether will deepen suspicion of domestic export orders in the compound. Late as a result, spot prices continue to back up or face more twists and turns.
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