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by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
On August 18, cotton futures in zhengzhou Commodity Exchange traded officially. Fang, vice President of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, vice governor Dai Baihua attend the listing ceremony. Cotton yarn, which is usually used for weaving woven fabric, knitted fabric, knitting fabrics and some nonwoven fabrics of raw materials. From the point of industrial property, it is in the middle of the cotton textile industry chain link, affects more than before and after the process of cost accounting and the evaluation of the price. At the same time, the cotton yarn quality stand or fall of weaving and dyeing and finishing process of cost control and cost of quality play a decisive role. As the futures market in China since 2016 the first commodity futures varieties, cotton futures market is of great significance. Mr Fang said the state applies a target price of cotton after pilot reforms, cotton price fluctuations increase, cotton textile enterprise safe-haven demand. Under this background, the cotton futures listed, which is not only the need of cotton manufacturing entity service industry, but also the inner requirement of service national development strategy. Dai Baihua said that henan province is the largest cotton yarn production, consumption, production ranking second in the country, consumption in sixth place in the country. Cotton futures market, will be for cotton textile industry chain, including henan enterprise, enterprise risk management provides a new tool, to provide new guidance for cotton textile industry structure adjustment, provide new power to service the cotton price target of reform. Party secretary of China textile industry association Gao Yong thinks, cotton futures listed will be beneficial to promote the healthy and stable development of textile industry. On the one hand, provides a hedging tool, can help cotton textile enterprise management risk, realize the smooth running of the whole industry. , on the other hand, provides the authoritative benchmark price, to provide effective reference for cotton textile industry production capacity and product structure adjustment and boost the 'three to one drop a fill' policy implementation of the ground. 'As a textile enterprise, we are looking for cotton futures listed for a long time. 'The world's largest supplier and manufacturer of colored spun yarn - — Zhejiang waffer color spinning co. , LTD. , vice President of Sun Xiaoting in an interview to tell his own voice. Imported cotton, he thought, the impact on the domestic market of cotton yarn still exist at present, domestic sales and export growth slow recovery, textile enterprise's survival and operating pressure. Textile enterprises can take advantage of the cotton and cotton futures, in the case of less risky lock production profit, stable performance. 'Cotton futures listed marks the nan Yang to the construction of global textile futures trading center and pricing is an important step. 'Nan Yang director hua-ping Chen said, cotton futures and cotton futures, PTA futures listed, jointly formed a relatively complete system of textile materials futures varieties. Nan Yang will be according to the requirements of the industry and the market operation, optimizing the system of cotton, cotton yarn, and the PTA futures rules, actively guide textile enterprises use the futures market, meet the demand of real economy pricing and risk management, best service and support the cotton price target of reform.
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