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Cotton deputy quote | sino-us trade friction temporarily difficult to alleviate cotton price strength - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
China cotton net correspondent contributions: sino-us trade friction to upgrade, the substantial depreciation of the RMB more than 300 points, up soybean import costs. Vice processing is in the end, at this point, the domestic cotton cotton oil prices in recent years, low cotton pulp quantity is limited, and the distance is listed and for a period of time of the crop, cotton, deputy market supply may also appear 'gap year', cotton deputy manufacturers price is quite strong, deputy recent cotton prices rise to fall. On July 12, domestic cotton seed prices remain stable. Basic end of seed cotton processing, cotton seed supply dwindling and xinjiang to the mainland vehicles less, the quantity of xinjiang, support the stability of the price of cotton seed. But, cotton by-products shipment is general, whole cottonseed oil factory to buy expensive cottonseed is more cautious, Australian cottonseed in succession to the factory, restricting the cotton seed market, also make the price temporarily difficult to rally. On July 12, most domestic cotton oil prices remain stable. Sino-us trade friction, the rise in the cost of imported soybean and oil prices, restrictions on oil prices callback space, cotton - a low probability, cotton oil output is limited, and cotton oil prices in recent years, the low price of the seller's willingness, support the cotton stopped falling oil prices. On July 12, most of domestic cotton pulp prices remain stable. Sino-us trade friction to upgrade again, boosting soybean import costs. And the weather turned hot, aquaculture season, meal demand is expected to improve, and the beautiful bean weather hype season approaching, the overall look, expected short-term cotton pulp prices will still be strong oscillation. On July 12, most of the domestic price of cotton linter maintain stability. Present cotton by-products poor overall performance, cottonseed oil factory will boot is not high, the market of cotton linter goods supply is relatively limited, together with high costs, - there are still quite price rised mentality, support the linter falling prices.
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