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Cotton deputy market: the market fell - pressure does not decrease the price stability Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Recently, the South American disk squeeze well, China - buying South American soybeans, soybean a lot to the port of the second quarter of according to investigation statistics, 4 - Preliminary forecast in June to port up to an average of 27 million tons, the next two Zhou Dadou press continue to ascend, a large number of products such as soybean meal, soybean oil shipments will directly impact the cotton market. The United States and China will be a new round of talks in Washington this week, China's trade negotiation situation, the two sides are expected to eventually reach a settlement probability is bigger, the bearish on the domestic market, and South American soybean concentrated in listing period, will continue to put pressure on the domestic market. On April 2nd, still dark weak domestic cotton by-products of most varieties, local prices continue to fall. On April 2, most of domestic cotton seed prices stable, local fall. Oil press, not beautiful, low capacity utilization, for cottonseed purchasing more cautious now, overall marketing light, especially in the cotton cake market demand downturn, dragged down the market, but cotton ginning mill capacity utilization is low, seed supply quantity is little, the price of cotton ginning mill stand strong mentality, coupled with the soybean meal a significant rebound, short-term cotton seed or stabilised, buyer can buy English along with. On April 2, most of domestic cotton oil price stability, individual fall. Cotton oil blending amount is limited, grease market volume was light, drag on cotton oil market, but cotton oil starts to drop, less production, temporary support. But for large oil supply exceeds demand, the weaker cannot alter, short-term cotton oil is still weak, buyers can be seen. On April 2, most of domestic cotton pulp prices stable, local fall. Swine fever spread to pig living fell to a low, cotton and soybean meal and meal price difference is too small, soybean meal feed mills use to replace cotton pulp, were negative for cotton pulp, but oil cotton probability is low, but the meal with obvious rebound, the spot price followed up support. But a poor demand, rising cotton pulp, buyers buy temporarily increases with the increasing use. On April 2nd, domestic cotton linter price stability. Cotton oil drop, is analyzed. the linter output corresponding decrease, oil's price will remain strong, supporting linter, but affected by the environmental protection check, downstream factory operating rate is low, and the linter import prices low, manufacturers purchasing high-priced linter cautious, the market trading co. , LTD, is expected to short-term fluctuations or finishing.
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