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Cotton deputy market: peripheral fell - bearish market price stability Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
It is understood that sino-us trade negotiations situation optimism, trump has asked China to replace soyabean tariffs with tariffs on other products, China is considering the proposal in the United States. To the United States and the Ministry of Commerce announcement DDGS applicable review of anti-dumping and countervailing measures, the United States imported DDGS or will restore, negative for the domestic market. Oil with South American soybean discount prices weakening, squeeze the good, the second quarter soybeans surged to the port, crushing machine, stepping up a lot of cake listed will continue to impact the cotton market. And pair of middle and lower reaches of the market demand weak domestic cotton, cotton by-products of lack of support, some fell in price stability. On April 16, most domestic cotton seed prices stable, local fluctuate slightly. Seed cotton prices strong, and the cotton seed source quantity is little, the local supply tight, cotton ginning mill prices strong mentality, all support the cotton seed market, low oil but starts, manufacturer purchasing cottonseed cautious attitude, increases with the increasing in mining, overall marketing light, short-term cotton seed or stability strong, buyers bargain can be a suitable amount of inventory. On April 16, most domestic cotton oil prices stable, local fall. Now in cooking oil phases off-season, cotton oil blending amount is limited, and soybean oil, palm oil prices fell sharply, are a drag on cotton oil market, but some companies stop, low capacity utilization, limited output, support the cotton oil prices. Bulk oil poor fundamentals, short-term cotton oil or volatility finishing on April 16, domestic cotton pulp prices is given priority to with stability, local fluctuations. Cotton - open probability is low, cotton pulp production co. , LTD. , to support the cotton pulp prices, but the spread of swine fever makes pigs living down to low, and the gap is too small, soybean meal and cotton pulp soybean meal feed mills use to replace cotton pulp, limit its upside, short-term gains or restricted cotton pulp. The buyer can buy English along with. On April 16th, the domestic cotton linter price stability. Some parking, cotton - open probability is low, the output of short-staple co. , LTD. , a strong appetite - a price, support linter, but affected by the environmental protection check, downstream factory operating rate is low, and the linter import prices low, manufacturers purchasing high-priced linter cautious, the market trading co. , LTD, to crack down on domestic prices of short-staple, expected short-term fluctuations or finishing.
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