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Cotton consumption and imports cotton demand is in a 'phase shift' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Cotton imports surge caused mainly because of price difference inside and outside China, this year, China imported yarn first source into Vietnam, import yarn low a rate rise, imports of forecast for the year around 1. 85 million tons, Note: in the fourth quarter is adjusted for 1. 93 million tons) 。 The textile industry is in a critical period, namely we often say 'phase shift'. 'Phase shift' from several aspects to understand: one, the textile industry itself is in a cycle of industrial structure adjustment; Two, any section in the textiles, including cotton consumption, imported cotton demand, are in a 'phase shift'. In the meantime, if you have any change? In 2012 China's imports of cotton growing by leaps and bounds, including after two to three years, growth are explosive. Once in zhejiang lanxi imported cotton yarn usage is very representative. The lanxi, more than 50, ten thousand tons a year of yarn consumption, import yarn usage has been more than half. In 2015 domestic pure cotton imports is 234. Total 50000 tons, China's use of the yarn in 785. 50000 tons, import proportion accounted for 29. 85%. In fact, China cotton import proportion big there are many reasons behind, personally think that is not because of China's cotton production and subsistence, cotton yarn production since around 6 million tons, China now imports surge after 2012, mainly because of price difference inside and outside. Roller coaster prices, domestic cotton prices down from high, during this period, introduced some regulation policy, the industry argues that the period of the cotton market is the policy of 'city', the stability of cotton in the world high, inside and outside the spread. Everyone thinks before import yarn is concentrated in low range, the earliest time, the main source of domestic import yarn is really low, is the main source of Pakistan, the proportion of imports is also the biggest. Mainly because of a friendly relationship between China and Pakistan, and Pakistan import tariff is the lowest, only 3. Five points. In 2012, the proportion of the proportion reached 36% from Pakistan, other countries are relatively small, such as India is only 20%, secondly is Vietnam in the third. In January 2016 - Import yarn market during July, there is a big change is entered India's cotton and yarn has been very hard into the Chinese market, the reason is a two-way: first, the price is too high, can't afford to buy in China, also don't want to buy, because there is a lower price. Second, India sellers think China is too low, the market price of the Indian domestic actual price can be higher than China, even in some markets outside China. This year, China's largest source of imported yarn into Vietnam. There are many reasons: first, China's investment in Vietnam enterprise basic more than 80% of the output of the factory is sold to China, the supporting a certain amount. Second, between China and Vietnam product delivery is shorter. Third, the volume has increased a lot this year, there's a reason why Vietnam use cotton is mainly American cotton and cotton in Africa, the entire Vietnam applied cost is lower than India, so its price in the Chinese market have a certain competitiveness. In the third quarter, the price of imported yarn appear upside down, is that the price is higher than the domestic price actually, abroad import demand weakened gradually, the expected effect is in the fourth quarter. From July to August customs data, the quantity of imports or less. Learned, some months before the downstream enterprises to import, but in late June after a wave of pushing up prices and enterprises involved, so July to August this two months the amount of imported yarn have some growth, late is expected to slow.
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