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Congratulations to kashgar, ruyi ingot production - 300000 Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
On August 28, kashgar ruyi three park 300000 ingot intelligent spinning production line for the production of the ceremony, industrial associations, local governments at all levels, xinjiang headquarters, attended the ceremony, together with the best new map set sail. China cotton textile industry association north zhu na attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Textile industry is the important pillar industry in national economy and people's livelihood industry, since 2014 in xinjiang have the larger development. Ruyi positive response to the central in xinjiang to develop the textile and garment, promote employment strategy, established the multiple textile base in northern xinjiang, southern xinjiang. Kashgar ruyi three park of 300000 ingot intelligent spinning production line complete investment construction, marking another achieved satisfied xinjiang work to the next level of performance. Ruyi just 47th anniversary, has developed into an international, textile and clothing of the whole industry chain enterprises, the textile and garment industry in China, or the sector rankings are leading the way. Ruyi kashgar three park of 300000 ingot production line provided about 1500 jobs, improved the lives of more than 1000 families, while promoting the development of local economy. Luck in kashgar, of 300000 pounds of cotton in China and the world is the most advanced equipment, investment, high starting point, has the strong competitive advantage, to high quality development of leading industry. North zhu na President in his speech also said that this year China's textile industry has met some difficulties under the sino-us trade friction, but China has a population of 1. 4 billion, the huge consumption potential, also waves along the development of economic law, we will have a better tomorrow. Kashgar is counterpart in xinjiang region in shandong, shandong ruyi has long been a positive response to the national call, advanced production technology and management concept to kashgar, the people, will solve employment, precise poverty alleviation, driving the development of local economic development in the spirit into the enterprise culture. The three park in kashgar ingot intelligent spinning production line went into operation in 300000, is a sign of ruyi 47 years development, is to the strong support of the development of kashgar, textile industry, more xinjiang cotton spinning industry added high quality production.
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