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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Zhengzhou May 7 (xinhua) ( Reporter Sun Qing qing) The reporter learns from zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, nan Yang cotton futures has finished the revised rules for the first time delivery. The CY2001 contracts totaling 132 hand delivery, or 660 tons of cotton yarn. Zhengzhou relevant controller introduces, 33 pieces of the standard of the warehouse receipt of the delivery, there are two warehouse to warehouse, marked the cotton futures to complete the first single delivery warehouse, become an implementation after cotton textile industry varieties of delivery in the warehouse. According to introducing, the party involved in the warehouse for delivery is the world's top 500 enterprises property cuhk group wholly owned subsidiary - — Product large cloud business co. , LTD. Cuhk cloud trader with textile materials for the main business products, using its period now business advantage, cooperate with textile, sold at the price of 20650 yuan/ton hedge 180 tons of cotton yarn, liquidated in 19400 yuan/tons 140 tons, the remaining 40 tons of the delivery. The company of hubei filial cotton respectively industrial group co. , ltd. and xinjiang ruyi textile clothing limited company to make a single standard cotton futures warehouse receipt, complete inventory, registration of the warehouse receipt, delivery, delivery and other business links. Have learned, in order to promote better exert the market function, cotton futures on March 4, 2019, nan Yang release amendment of the cotton futures related business rules, optimizing benchmark cotton futures delivery goods and substitute quality index system, enable the warehouse delivery way, active system laid the foundation for the realization of the cotton futures. On May 15, 2019, cotton futures began to carry out the market-making firm competition, provide initial liquidity for cotton futures. Data show that with the new contract rules and market maker system formally implemented, cotton futures transaction, holdings gradually rise, preliminary active implementation. So far this year in early April, cotton futures daily average volume, open interest, respectively 8816, 7874, hand ( Unilateral, hereinafter the same) , compared with the revised rules before growth of 97%, 607% respectively, and the overall turnover rate of 1. 1. From delivery, cotton futures produced four times for delivery, since listing CY1801, CY1810 respectively, CY1901, CY2001, cumulative delivery rate 216 or 1080 tons.
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