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by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
In 2015 sponsored by the China cotton textile industry association, China cotton textile industry upgrading peak BBS and 2015 national cotton chief engineer on the BBS, big yao textile jian-jun zhu, general manager of xinjiang, mainland China, import yarn competition problems are analyzed, and the spinning enterprise to enhance competitiveness in the international competition in China is proposed. In recent years, influenced by relevant national policies, especially the quota policy, the international yarn market competition pattern in the profound changes, southeast Asia and India and Pakistan took advantage of the raw material low branch of pure cotton yarn market share has expanded rapidly, our country also has the company established in the United States, in order to make full use of the cotton price and quality advantages to ensure that the international competitiveness. In order to better understand the product features, compare other countries or areas around the product features list is as follows: through the contrast can be found that import yarn yarn count is generally low, the import yarn can lower the market rapidly occupation, because import yarn in such aspects as raw materials, labor costs, electricity advantages, compared with domestic the import yarn yarn has the following advantages: 1. The cotton price difference. Because of the influence of the national quotas and purchase policy, lead to poor cotton prices at home and abroad to exist for a long time, domestic cotton spinning enterprise's cost is higher than cotton foreign enterprises; 2. Electricity and artificial. Cost of electricity in east China in 0. About 8 yuan per KWH, foreign many areas even less than half the cotton spinning enterprises in our country electricity costs, labor costs also increase year by year in our country at the same time, while India and southeast Asia and other places very low labor costs; 3. Rich, spell equipment. Abroad, such as India and Pakistan in many countries, because of the great early cotton yarn profits have plenty of money for equipment upgrades. 4. Varieties of a single large output, good strength, bleaching and bleaching complete varieties. But our yarn in domestic and imported yarn is not entirely at a disadvantage in competition, domestic yarn in quality, management advantages of import yarn, compared with domestic the import yarn yarn has the following disadvantages: 1. Poor quality stability, consistency and uneven. Import yarn due to management, backward in technology, product quality is domestic yarn behind the obvious; 2. The arrival of death field claim. Due to import yarn from abroad, the downstream enterprises use problems in tend to appear in with the agent and the manufacturer's problem, often claims difficult problems; 3. Delivery is long. Due to the geographical position, the problem such as import and export formalities, import yarn often long delivery time, may affect the downstream enterprise on normal production; 4. Not suitable for small batch. Import yarn products is relatively single, often for small batch and many varieties of products needs to be enough. 5. More than 50 prices and the technological level is short. Import yarn due to the backward management level and technical level, spinning to more than 50 yarn is difficult, so in terms of price and yarn quality is domestic yarn at a disadvantage. Of imported yarn and yarn in the aspects of cost, technology, management, it can be seen that the yarn if you want to give full play to their competitiveness in the international competition, it is necessary to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, try to avoid disadvantage in raw material costs, labor costs, give full play to the strengths, management, technology and domestic spinning enterprises on the mainland with the spinning industry of xinjiang region in such aspects as raw materials, artificial, policy differences, in mainland China and xinjiang products proposal should also differ, mainland enterprises downstream, has certain advantages in geographical location and the date of delivery, in the artificial and electricity cost on the high side, so the mainland spinning enterprises are as follows: 1. For more than 50 varieties, bleaching, differential fiber spinning of high count is given priority to; 2. Conventional varieties with technology, cost-effective to win; 3. Special varieties of small batch, many varieties, fast delivery to win; 4. Air spinning to bleaching, stable quality, consistency, good win the market; Spinning enterprises in xinjiang since the policy advantages compared, the respect such as raw material and the mainland, so the combined with the characteristics of the xinjiang spinning enterprises mainly are as follows: 1. The stability of the conventional varieties, quality and consistency must be better; 2. Ring spun do good cost performance and can be bleached varieties, solve the three problems, explore the regular bales black and white cotton production; 3. Can do air spinning raw cotton varieties, in strength and bleaching advantages can be bleached or package, 4. Must find a big distributors or directly use the customers; 5. Need to improve transport speed and the accuracy of the arrival of the time; 6. The stability of the managers and workers must be better.
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