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by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
According to places such as guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang cotton trade enterprise, bonded port since the middle of June, July/August shipment 8 s - Pakistan 16 s siro-spun and 21 s, 32 s high clinch a deal with inquiry, rebound, especially big or BaoPiao yarn recovery is more obvious; While other origin of OE yarn sign outside dish. Jiangsu nantong, changzhou, and shandong zibo, weifang, such as mill said, India, Vietnam to produce C40S knitting yarn trading atmosphere is slightly better, focused on the outside dish order. Inside dish rised because import enterprise's value, and the number of customs clearance and less light. June 18, according to the survey 20, henan, shandong, jiangsu and other places in India, Vietnam C32 and with high Bai Piao yarn more than RMB price is 22300 - 22500 yuan/ton; And domestic C32S cotton yarn factory price on 21800 - 22000 yuan/ton, both upside down 500 yuan/tons. Qingdao importers analysis, because since June zheng tumbled cotton yarn quotation follow up sharply; And cotton yarn such as India and Pakistan, the FOB and CNF price also Yin fell more than, inside and outside the cotton price difference from the normal 300 - 400 yuan/ton to the obvious upside down, so part of April/may sign the high price of imported yarn contract facing difficulties, the Chinese buyer wish to sign the contract, the delay of shipment, the seller buy again even default. India-pakistan yarn outside dish offers a fall again fall reason has the following three points: one is the may/June slump in ICE cotton futures, spot, mills raw material costs decline quickly, and slow gauze price adjustment, significantly improve mills profit, price moderately to stimulate, promote the production and marketing; The second is the recent Pakistan, India rupee weakening, favors the gauze clothing exports, such as mills quotation pressure down; Three port bonded cotton yarn inventory is bigger and bigger, traders sales, capital pressure varying degrees; But in recent days the yuan to rise sharply, for import yarn clearance, break through the bottleneck of conditions; Four is rising sino-us negotiation variables, escalate Chinese buyers demand for pure cotton yarn and blended yarn is restrained, some countries such as India and Pakistan, the mills don't get the order, so & other; Prices run throughout the goods &; In the sense.
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