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City of anqing in anhui cotton improves the awaken of spring thick cotton prices qiqi - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
National cotton reserves, according to Chinese cotton net correspondent feedback rounds out, but the recent downturn in anhui province anqing city of cotton cotton change years ago, apparently recovered, cottonseed purchase prices, lint sales price, a synchronous cottonseed sales prices. After the cotton futures prices and the effects of seed cotton resources bottom, anqing cotton, cotton prices improved markedly, highlight the surface now synchronous seed cotton, cotton, cotton seed prices. In recent days, seed cotton blanket flower price has reached to 3. 10 yuan/jin, a rise of nearly zero in the years ago. 10 yuan/kg; In the 14200 - lint sales price 14600 yuan/ton, compared with years ago raised 200 yuan/ton; Gross cottonseed selling price has been to 1. 03 - 1. 4 yuan/jin, than rise before the Spring Festival, 0. 04 - 0. 5 yuan/kg. Cotton market, the market of the acquisition of seed cotton cotton mills is first increased, but because the seed cotton resources less and less, cotton mills, volume decline gradually, the current the most can only receive tens of thousands of pounds a day, less also only accept 2 - after the Spring Festival 30000 catties.
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