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Chinese cotton prices rising demand for cotton in India - recovery Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
Over the past seven days ( On May 30 solstice on June 5) , India cotton prices soared, further spinning profit to be compressed. Predicts that as the Indian rupee, cotton and cotton yarn export demand is likely to be suppressed. According to statistics, over the past seven days, the S - India 6 cotton prices rose 1300 rupees ($/ kg, rose by 3%, up 7% over the past four weeks. Punjab 30 s knitting yarn price rose 1 rupees to 216 rupees per kilogram, rose by 2. Up 8 4%, over the past three months. 5%. Recently, the continuing decline of the Indian rupee, India cotton price is more competitive, foreign demand for Indian cotton prices boost. With China's cotton prices rose sharply, China's import demand for Indian cotton yarn began to recover. Over the past seven days, India 30 s cotton combed yarn export prices rose sharply to 3. $4 / kg, to reach the highest level in recent years. Over the past seven days, the cotton prices began to fall, after rising sharply FangQi inventory during the period of cotton prices surge. According to the Indian cotton and cotton yarn inventory quantity, existing in the short term is expected to India's domestic cotton prices will fall. Recently, the Indian rupee has rebound trend, this is the first time in nearly four years rebound, expects India cotton and cotton yarn exports will be affected by this, be suppressed.
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