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by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
Influenced by Pakistan cotton consumption continues to grow, Pakistan cotton shortage become the norm, with the listed again delay of the crop, Pakistan cotton prices soared, further domestic cotton prices keep rising trend, cotton export price stability. According to statistics, over the past seven days ( 19 - July 25) , Pakistan's card, spot prices rose 400 rupees to 9300 rupees/ji, rose by 4. 5%, up 24% over the past four weeks. Though rupee weakening, but in dollar terms, cotton prices still rose 16 over the past four weeks. 95%. Yarn, in Pakistan's general election on the eve of faisal cotton bud market trading has decreased, but the spinning raw materials prices, domestic cotton prices rise. According to statistics, over the past seven days, faisal 30 s pure cotton bud market prices rose 70 rupees, rose 3. Up 19 65%, over the past three months. 38%. Exports, influenced by China's slowing demand, cotton export prices remain the same. Over the past seven days, Pakistan's polyester staple fiber prices stable, including 1. 4 d polyester staple fiber prices stable 180 rupees ($/ kg. With rupees going down and the rising cost of raw materials, the future of Pakistan cotton yarn and blended yarn exports is expected to recover, export price will also increase.
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