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China's purchasing prices - increase support for Pakistan cotton yarn exports Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
Nearly a week, Pakistan cotton and cotton prices continue to rise, the dollar export prices. Because of a drop in the rupee boost exports, the downstream demand is very strong companies. Domestic cotton prices, but Pakistan yarn demand, combed yarn prices May 20. 25%. 1 cotton export prices rise. Increase 1%, China's interest in purchasing cotton prices will continue to support. Pakistan's domestic cotton prices also rose to 8800 rupees/maud land 200 rupees. Polyester staple fiber prices have remained stable for several weeks, 1. 4 d polyester staple fiber is still 193 rupees ($/ kg, the import of Chinese polyester staple fiber prices to 1. More than $2 / kg, the domestic polyester staple fiber factory profit is very good, recently won't increase the price. Polyester yarn price no change, polyester/cotton yarn prices continue to rise, 20 blended yarn rose 1. Remained stable, 34% polyester viscose yarn, viscose staple fiber and viscose yarn price has not changed.
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