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by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
On March 18th February 18 solstice, India and Pakistan cotton prices continue to rise, cotton prices stable, spinning profit affected by varying degrees. According to statistics, February 18 solstice during March 18, cotton prices have climbed 2% in India, Pakistan cotton prices surged five. 3%, at the same time, Indian cotton prices remain unchanged, Pakistan cotton yarn price has risen 4. 5%. FangQi reflect according to India, India FangQi hard to cope with the rising cost of raw materials, and India's pest in cotton production support for the current prices, and the mill to the rising cost of materials will be passed on to the downstream, coupled with the rise of emerging spinning competitors such as Vietnam, Indonesia, uzbekistan, resulting in a decline in Indian spinning profit step by step. At the same time China reduce yarn imports to India is also lead to India yarn production of the main causes of lower profits. According to statistics, in March 2017, the Indian yarn 92 gross margin. 78 rupees ($/ kg, meanwhile, gradually fell in the same period in 2018 to 84. 90 rupees/kg. With Pakistan cotton yarn prices, by contrast, cotton prices rebounded, active, exports to China yarn spinning profit increased. According to statistics, in March 2017, Pakistan yarn gross margin 140 rupees ($/ kg, in the same period in 2018 increased to 163 rupees ($/ kg. According to the international spinning industry, China cotton prices level is still a driving force is the key to the yarn market in India and Pakistan. China's domestic cotton prices will profit no small impact on India and Pakistan cotton yarn production.
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