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China knitting industry association in fancy yarn color yarn branch secretariat DaLang opening - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
Recently, China knitting industry association of fancy yarn color yarn branch opening ceremony in the famous town of the 'China woolen sweater' DaLang town, dongguan city, guangdong province lane head held ShangMao Street communities' hair. Vice President of China textile industry association, China knitting industry association Yang Jichao, China wool textile industry association Peng Yanli, China fashion colour association Zhu Sha, China knitting industry association, vice President of QuJing, China wool textile industry association, vice chairman Peter lau, Liu Yu DaLang town party committee members, DaLang town people's congress vice chairman Keith yip attended the opening ceremony. As a national model of textile industry cluster, the transformation and upgrading of national foreign trade vocational demonstrative base, DaLang hair industry has become a industry cluster has certain influence at home and abroad. As a 'no' China 'hair lane first community gather hair business more than 1 m, has four major professional market and article 12 hair professional street. The event venue ShangMao Street DaLang 'hair is one of them, for the positive response the government called on, become a booster DaLang woollen industry cluster innovation and development of important gripper, DaLang hair industry's global competitiveness important business platform, at present, DaLang hair ShangMao Street under DaLang town government department's support construction, already formed covering an area of 1. 70000 square meters, has 280 stores of considerable scale.
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