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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Influenced by a trade war with China, China's increasing demand for Indian cotton yarn, 6-2018 November Indian cotton export growth. But as China and the United States to suspend further add tariff, China began in recent weeks about 4 - to renegotiate and cancel 500 million dollars ( About 10 - 12 contract) Indian cotton import orders. According to the Indian industry, recent Chinese importers, agents, Banks began to renegotiate or cancel the early Indian cotton yarn contract and hold the l/c, and did not give a reason, this makes the Indian cotton yarn exports in trouble. 4-2018 8 November Indian cotton yarn exports to China. 8 of $92. 4 billion, a 2017/18 over the same period. 2 $70. 2 billion growth. 5%. Cancel the order according to the Indian side analysis, China is affected by easing sino-us trade relations, China may worry that the United States from march begins to impose tariffs on all Chinese goods, therefore may reduce in the March 1 to the United States cotton imposing a 25% tariff. Recent Chinese cotton imports is declining to India.
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