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China Differentiated Yarn Forum held in Texas

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
Recently, the National Textile Differentiated Yarn Forum was held in Texas. Well-known enterprises and experts from various nodes in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain will output and discuss their views on 'promoting new kinetic energy, shaping new advantages, and creating new value.' Shandong is a major textile province, and how to deal with differentiated production has become a topic of discussion in the textile industry. At the forum, experts and companies also gave keynote speeches on the development and prospects of China's textile industry in the new era, modern yarn technology and its new products, and research on the physiological comfort of clothing. As the host of this event and the leader in the differentiated fiber yarn industry-Dezhou Huayuan Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., it also held its 15th anniversary celebration at the same time. This forum activity is not only a condensed commemoration of the development of differentiated fiber yarn enterprises, but also a smart summit for the upstream and downstream of the industry to discuss the future development of the industry. Through 15 years of hard work, Texas Huayuan has grown from small to large, from weak to strong. This year, Dezhou Huayuan will expand its capacity through the 100,000-spindle differentiated yarn project and gradually build a blockchain-based smart factory model. Article keywords:   Yarn Forum Differentiated Yarn Texas
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