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China and India and Pakistan take different short-term cotton yarn movements or remain strong - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
In November, China, India and Pakistan cotton prices vary, cotton prices consistent with the cotton prices. Among them, Chinese cotton is regulated by the national cotton reserves stability and restrictions on imports of cotton, cotton prices remained stable; Indian cotton prices continued to fall for three months, the average price in November of 38000 rupees/candesartan, relatively small uptick in October; Pakistan cotton prices continue to rebound, by this year's cotton supply shortage is up 7 in the past three months. 7%, the average price of 6486 rupees/ji. Cotton prices, Indian cotton prices fell only 1 in November. Cotton prices rose slightly 1 5%, Pakistan. 4%, India and Pakistan cotton price volatility are less than cotton. Indian cotton yarn production profit, November production rate is relatively stable, Pakistan's profits increased by 3%. From the point of cotton countless supply, market forecast of cotton prices have to fall, cotton prices will fall. But by the past two weeks on the ICE futures prices continue to rise, and the market rebound in demand, is expected in the short term the possibility of cotton and cotton yarn prices is not very big.
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