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by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
With the constant improvement of the market requirement for yarn quality, yarn and spinning yarn forming quality is more important; In the process of using the bobbin stability has a great influence on the yarn forming quality and all. Is influence the stable degree of bobbin yarn tube shows serious defects in the process of operation & ndash; — Jump pipe. The most common phenomenon in spinning mill, also is the hardest problem to solve. Jump pipe cause analysis through our long-term use of a variety of bobbin, observation and practice summary, that usually causes of bobbin jump pipe according to the primary and secondary sequence summarized in table 1. Table 1 bobbin jumped reasons for tube to prevent pipe measures in view of the different reasons listed in the table above, specific issues specific analysis, take measures to solve the problem of yarn pipe jump. Item 1 ~ 3 in 1 to 3 above, how much of tube manufacturers. As we all know, the bobbin in the process of using in high speed rotating condition; If a hydrophobic material, there are differences in density, bobbin is bound to cause swing in the high speed rotating, leading to jump. At the same time, if the bobbin of the key parts of the core material is poor, wear-resisting, heat resistant, easy to loss, and spindle don't match, it is a good play will occur jump pipe; Another reason is the main exterior size of bobbin is not in conformity with the industry standards, such as the small mouth, poor internal and external pyramidal transition, when these cases under the bobbin mouth will be stuck in the ingot. Place. Make the core contact with the spindle is not close, leading to a jump, the key to solve these problems, the purchasing department and bobbin concerted management and maintenance department, strict internal quality, have new bobbin will never allow unqualified into the factory. 4 in the table 4, spinning frame speed lead to jump tube bobbin. Judging from theory, when the bobbin and spindle are absolutely reliable material cases, spinning frame speed should not to influence the cause of the jump pipe; But in actual production, along with the spindle at high speed, spindle, will be the twisted yarn tube, the higher the speed, the deformation is serious, eventually leading to jump. Once some people think that the key to solve this problem is more pipe shaft weight; Proved by our experiment, which is a negative way, and can not fundamentally solve the problem. On the contrary, if pipe shaft weight increase, the corresponding increase of spindle load, which are more likely to lead to spindle distortion, multiply jump pipe. If we need in order to improve the production efficiency, improve the spinning frame speed, to solve the problem of good jump pipe, the key is need high quality, high density, relatively light pipe shaft weight yarn tube; In other words, the tube material, namely the bobbin finished product quality to have relatively higher requirements. 5 ~ 6 table 5 ~ 6, belongs to the daily operation management and security operation, maintenance and cause; As long as the work done, the tube will not exist. 7 # 7 in the table, this is because the plastic tube with 5 ~ 6 years later can appear the phenomenon such as aging embrittlement, if is play core cracking, will directly affect the core and the strong degree of play; If is next craze, then affect the positioning of bobbin, in both cases will cause the jump tube in the process of spinning, the jump in the tube is often spun yarn easily jump tube, after the loss is bigger. The solution is to do the regular inspection of bobbin, found that the fatal flaw clear in time. 8 8 items in the table, this is the secondary cause of the jump pipe. As long as strengthening production management, put an end to all kinds of man-made factors, can prevent jump pipe. Measures to prevent pipe dance, first of all, to put an end to congenital deficiency, also want to strengthen the management of the day after tomorrow. The qualified tube into the factory can't; The bobbin management in strict accordance with the requirement to use cycle maintenance, maintenance, strengthening the production management work, for spinning weaving to lay the good foundation.
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