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Build the destiny of the 30th session of China international wool spinning wool spinning industry conference preview - Textile information - Textile net - Textile heald

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
On September 11, to September 13, by the international trade of China wool textile industry association, China international trust &investment co. , LTD. , the host, nanjing wool market to undertake the 30th international wool conference will be held in nanjing, jiangsu province in China. This session will focus on issues of what industry? What are the new luminescent spot is different from previous meetings? Accompanied with the process of reform and opening up, China's international wool conference held 30, what are the changes? What achievements made? With these questions, China's textile newspaper reporter interviewed the nanjing wool market fierce chairman Yang. Yang lean firstly introduces the change of the theme of this year, she told reporters: 'whether overseas merchants or traders, downstream fabric, clothing enterprises, everyone in the wool industry of common destiny, everyone should enter with back, cooperation to win more, based on this starting point, we will be the theme of the conference this year as a 'fate community build the wool spinning industry. 'As international conference, the 30th international conference on wool spinning China will intensify the finished product promotion. 'We hope that attending overseas merchants, traders will present the finished results are generalized to overseas. Fierce, 'Yang said. 'From the current registration, registration number increased. And the biggest changes are reflected in the foreign participant conference this year is more positive. Wool suppliers in order to ensure that South Africa attend the 30th international conference on wool spinning, South Africa's auction market auction cancelled on September 11, wool, and ask at the 31st 2019 China international congress of wool spinning the date of the meeting, the plan by the end of the catalog stagger time, convenient supplier. Because of China's international conference on wool spinning over the years has achieved very good results, so this year's finished product marked increase of enterprise registration, this is last year wool spinning assembly 'through the embodiment of industrial chain upstream and downstream' achievements. 'Yang introduced lean, signing up to. Wool spinning industry is relatively small, at present, the decline in global wool production, wool products gradually become luxury, macro factors in such background, the significance of international conference on wool spinning in China become more prominent, as to the global promotion of the internationalization of wool meeting, function is more and more big. Fierce Yang said: 'along with the reform and opening up, the world understand China more and more, China is no longer just processing power, in the progress of science and technology. In recent years, wool with modern science and technology industry has achieved very good results, can say, this is the integral effect of reform and opening up. Fierce 'when it comes to the topic of the meeting, Yang said:' foreign to the finished product would be interested in promotion, so the meeting will be to design issues in terms of product promotion. At the same time, in order to jointly create a healthy business environment, the good faith discussions will be the focus of the conference. At present, we are careful on credit enterprise. In addition, the meeting will also discuss the raw material price. This year, the price of wool is should, on the one hand, the fine counts wool prices only rise not fall; Thick branch, on the other hand, the market demand is still weak, so we will be on the rise and fall of fine count wool intends to set up a special debate, at the appointed time, the debate will convey a lot of information industry, we hope that the industry can mutual concern. 'Wool industry in the first half of introduction to the situation, Yang lean analysis, due to the fine counts wool has been in the channel of price increases, so the price is high after impact demand for finished goods in the future, I don't know how to digest the price, the market in the first half of the environmental problem is very outstanding, industrial production also is not too smooth, after the market situation so the next step remains to be seen.
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