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BBS round table: spinning production capacity has been high-speed growth cycle into the transformation and upgrading Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-06-20
Supply side structural reform continued to deepen, along with our country state reserve cotton to inventory solid steady progress has entered the stage of total runoff, cotton market is about to open a new development process at home and abroad. Keen to foresee direction, overall layout, strengthen the risk management, as early as possible is industry of all kinds enterprise must face the issue. To this end, China national cotton reserves management co. , LTD and zhengzhou Commodity Exchange on April 28, 2018 in kunshan city, jiangsu province at the 9th China cotton ( Yarn) Futures on the BBS, in view of the above subject in-depth discussion. BBS is a round table with 'cotton spinning to - Explore textile applied situation 'as the theme, shandong ruyi ( 002193). Black peony (a international group vice President zhang wei, 600510). Zhu Rongping, wuxi textile co. , LTD. , deputy general manager, a cotton group co. , LTD. , chairman of Zhou Yejun WeiSiYing, holdings, han sheng co. , LTD. , general manager, Shanghai international cotton trade information center director wang, zhejiang huarui information company, chief analyst at Zheng Shengwei to participate in the discussion. With the development of the cotton yarn at home and abroad, zhejiang huarui information Zheng Shengwei, chief analyst, said the spinning production capacity has been the rapid growth of China's cycle, entered the stage of transformation and upgrading. Holdings, han sheng co. , LTD. , general manager of WeiSiYing pointed out that a new round of evolution. If use imports of cotton market, the enterprise can cope with the international market price? Small and medium-sized enterprises may pressure is larger. About environmental impact on cotton textile industry, the peony textile co. , LTD. , deputy general manager of Zhu Rongping said that the whole industry is bound to reshuffle. Jiangsu and zhejiang textile enterprises concentrated area, close of business a lot in recent years. Early into the development of large enterprise is good, otherwise will fall into a vicious circle. Enterprise itself not to upgrade, the product exports will be affected, so shuffling the enterprise international competitiveness will be strong.
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