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Baoding sunny weather for cotton boll opening weak - spot market sales Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-10
Recently, hebei baoding on sunny weather, cotton boll opening. More due to previous baoding area rainy weather, cotton boll opening affected, some bolls not normal craze, resulting in yield and quality were down. At present, local cotton picking has been above seventy percent, and the weather clears for autumn peach cracking is good, late autumn peach if normally open bolls will also improve cotton quality. At the moment, the baoding area seed cotton dwindling resources, local seed cotton is xingtai regions such as the traders to buy more, seed cotton purchase price in 3. 50 yuan/kg, Lint rate 37%, moisture regain 13%) Rised, but farmers psychological heavier. Weak spot market sales, cotton mills not purchase volumes, the circulation of weak point pollution ChanMian to cotton grade 1 and grade 2 is given priority to, sale price is in 15500 yuan/ton, shipment is slow, the individual cream three silk cotton goods fair. Local cotton prices reflect, on the one hand, the stock of national cotton reserves on the market at present is more, the price low favored by textile enterprises; XinJiangMian will arrive a lot of the mainland on the other hand, are of good quality also textile enterprise procurement, preferred the ChanMian market pressure, difficult to spot sales, corporate takeovers.
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