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by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
New network in xinjiang urumqi on November 17 (Reuters) - Ma Yixuan) 16, science and technology progress award of shandong province textile industry state for cheese dyeing Kang Pingna group intelligent demonstration plant project officially settled in korla at the national level economic and technological development zone, and for the signing ceremony. Construction of the project's first phase mainly 20000 tons of cheese dyeing projects, can satisfy 64 million shirts, socks, 52 million 46 million shirts, 11 million sets of bed is tasted, 151 million meters of cloth production requirements. After the project completed, the average annual energy consumption for the industry average 48 only. Only by 2%, the annual wastewater by 30 for the industry average. 8%. Land for the project will accelerate the korla textile garment city downstream industry chain extension, for driving the development of the textile industry downstream yarn-dyed, knitting, clothing and so on has important demonstration role in driving the end products. Bobbin yarn was woven textile enterprises from raw material to finished product must be used in the process of intermediate products. For a long time, bobbin ingredients and dyeing process is done manually, dyeing quality is difficult to control. Shandong Kang Pingna group by dyeing process, equipment and system innovation, to develop suitable for digital automatic bobbin dyeing technology, digital automatic dyeing production of complete sets of equipment and the whole process of the automation control system, to create a digital automatic efficient bobbin dyeing production line, realized the bobbin dyeing from manual mechanization, single machine automation to the whole process of digitalization, automation system. 'Digital automatic bobbin dyeing technology and equipment' which won the state science and technology progress prize in 2014 first prize, the construction of 'intelligent yarn dyeing factory' was listed in 2015 national first batch of pilot demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing, is the only national pilot demonstration of dyeing and finishing of intelligent manufacturing enterprises. At present, shandong Kang Pingna group has ranked top 10 China wool spinning industry competitiveness. 2015, Kang Pingna group commissioned sarft created China textile construction industry promotion planning, intelligent construction plan in the next decade 50 dyeing factory, among them 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' during the construction of 15, realize the intelligent cheese dyeing, standardization and scale, through the demonstration promotion, improve technical level of the whole printing and dyeing industry, textile, achieve energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction, and clean production to promote transformation and upgrading of the industry. In 2016, the China textile construction of sarft, pushed by the development zone and Kang Pingna group repeated pragmatic exchanges and talks, signed a cooperation agreement. Shandong Kang Pingna group chairman Chen fei said, chose to invest in korla economic and technological development zone, is not only see korla 10 million ingot textile garment city, saw it has important status in the development of textile and clothing industry in xinjiang, by in mutual exchanges, also felt the autonomous regions, and bazhou, the economic development zone management committee's determination and confidence, feel their passion for the enterprises in the xinjiang with care, feeling the director at all levels of government efficiency and the concept of entrepreneurship. Working committee deputy secretary Chen lei said korla economic and technological development zone, shandong Kang Pingna group cheese dyeing intelligence demonstration plant project signing to the ground, is the people's government committee, state, vigorously implement the 'project construction development in' important results, and actively undertake the eastern industrial transfer, korla economic and technological development zone to speed up the one million textile and garment industry employment project in xinjiang. At present, korla textile garment city successively in all kinds of textile and garment enterprises, more than 30 can realize the output value of nearly $one hundred million in 2016. Shandong Kang Pingna group of cheese dyeing intelligent demonstration plant project in the textile and garment industry chain plays an important role, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and the effective connection of spinning, weaving, clothing and so on each link, promote the development of textile and clothing whole industrial chain, speed up the korla development zone to build a large textile and garment export processing base of the construction pace. At the same time, the project's location is located in korla development zone textile garment city phase ii, this is the key area of development zone during the period of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' construction layout, will become new growth pole korla textile garment city. The autonomous region by letter Xie Qing, deputy director of the committee, vice governor Zhang Chengyi autonomous prefecture, China textile construction of sarft dean de-hu feng, director of management committee of development zone Ma Wenyu and state by the letter committee, development zone management committee, head of the main leaders attended the ceremony.
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