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by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
Part according to the international cotton business, import domestic enterprises reflect, since February 2017/18 signing of Australian cotton sales have been 'engaged', not only in China, India, Vietnam and other traditional consumers actively inquiry, purchasing, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Japan and some central Asian countries to cotton in the attention is also high. An Australian cotton trader said, because the cotton spot prices rose to a record high, and irrigation Tian Chan production increase obviously, so the enthusiasm of farmers to sell high, as of mid-march cotton farmers have to booking about 90% of the 2018 Australian cotton; At the same time, Australian cotton signing from 2017/18 American cotton 'stick', to the end of March 2017/18 Australian cotton sales also have significant growth. According to the analysis, the main reason for the Australian cotton sales as follows: first, far month shipment ( 5/6/7 month) Australian cotton quotation price. Since late march, may/June shipment SM 1 - 5/32 is concentrated in the 98 quotation. 50 - 99. 60 cents per pound ( Australian cotton ginning mill, exporters quote lower 0. 20 - 0. 30 cents/lb) , a mid-march high cut 4 - generally 5 cents per pound; And with the C/A SM, 1 - EMOT/MOT SM Spreads the contraction to 3-5/32 3. 50 cents/pound, 4. 5 - 5. 0 cents/pound, with shipping date black cotton offer flat, appeared on price advantage; Secondly, 2017/18 Macao cotton quality, consistency and spun index is very good, not only can satisfy the needs of the high count of cotton spinning, and the cotton ( ACLCA) , long-staple cotton, have stronger alternative. FangQi, traders in China procurement Australian wool is given priority to with SM level, fiber length in 1 - generally And more than 5/32, the breaking strength 30 GPT and above ( A small amount of 29 GPT) , mostly for spinning high count combed or with over 50 s and combed yarn, but it is important to note that in recent years, Australian cotton for maturity is higher and the weather, the variety of reasons, lint horse value larger ( 4. 7 above proportion on the high side) ; ( Nonsense)
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