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by:Chengyi     2020-07-13
It is understood that the harvest of the crop in central Queensland, Australia has begun, output is expected to reach 4. 3 million packages ( 93. 60000 tons) , close to record levels. Is reported that the Australian farmers use the crop species and planting, sowing window clearly in advance, the starting time of the harvest is earlier than in the past, for example, the Queensland seeding is August 1st. Australian cotton company general manager Michael Murray, said this year from Queensland to Victoria all irrigation crops are growing well. In addition to the previous pesticide spraying a windy weather cause damaged cotton fields, the overall cotton farmers were satisfied with the cotton harvest this year the situation. The price of cotton is ideal ( $560 / package) , the sale price of cotton farmers in the next three years can be at least $500 more than/package. It is understood that although the early January Australia experienced extreme high temperature weather, but the cotton growing overall ideal, at present most apply is now in full bloom, the end of the month will start in multi-topping. Looks like the south slightly slow, upland field area reduces the 12 - for lack of water 130000 hectares.
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