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At the end of November port bonded cotton yarn number will exceed 130000 tons - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
According to some foreign and cotton traders, 11 occurrence peak of zhangjiagang, ningbo, guangzhou, Qingdao and ports bonded yarn number present small growth situation, mainly in India, Vietnam, Pakistan, central Asia, Uzbekistan and turkmenistan and azerbaijan, etc. ) , Indonesia and America OE yarn and so on is given priority to, the import of siro spinning C10S in Pakistan C21S yarn arrivals fell, OE10S - the United States Increased OE32S yarn's arrival; C21S and under low weak yarn prices, high count and combed yarn price stabilization; Jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong and other places imported knitting yarn delivery slow, some traders C21S, C32S knitting yarn sales 1 - only one week Two ark, Qingdao, zibo, changzhou, middlemen and small weaving mill or even a few hundred kilograms a pick up the goods. 'Inbound and outbound less; Comb's more, less fine yarn; Low a number, it is less 'is one of the port outside yarn characteristics of consignment, ningbo, guangzhou, Qingdao and other places basic' yarn saturated with 'bonded area library, some already reserved 12 / January arrival of American cotton, India cotton storage used to temporarily store also imported yarn, capacity of pressure is prominent. A foreign and several large cotton importer estimates, at the end of November port bonded cotton yarn number will exceed 130000 tons, including Indian cotton yarn for more than 35%. Qingdao, weifang, zhengzhou and other places some weaving mill, middlemen, since November, although the port of origin such as India, Pakistan, Vietnam cotton yarn CIF, CNF price is relatively stable, but the ICE futures in 61 - 64 cents/pound of load oscillation in the body, the Indian MSP prices and CCI comprehensive collection and storage of cotton enterprises, under the support of cotton mood is stable, willingness to take the initiative to reduce the price is not strong; Chinese buyers purchase shrinking, the substantial depreciation of the rupee against the dollar ( Indian cotton export prices continue to fall) And Pakistan a 10% adjustment tax on imported cotton yarn, grey cloth, and so on reasons that India's cotton factory, the exporter bargaining space is large, some mills can even benefit 0. 10 - 0. $20 per kilogram, the smaller the space and the higher the yarn count consultation. On November 13 - 14, Qingdao port India C21S, C32 knitting yarn quotation 17200 - A 17500 yuan/ton, 18900 - 19200 yuan/ton, high with A + yarn high 300 - quotation 400 yuan/ton, cotton price difference inside and outside to maintain - in 800 1000 yuan/ton. Since late October, China cotton import market shows the following characteristics: first, Indonesia, India, to arrive at the port of blended yarn quantity is rising, and polyester/cotton, polyester viscose and cotton yarn is given priority to, complementary to import to single cotton yarn, T/T/C21S C16S, 65/35, 65/35 65/35 40/60 T/C32S and the proportion of c/T yarn is given priority to; Second, high arrival of OE yarn quantity growth, low a OE yarn decline, such as Vietnam, American cotton production OE21, OE30S, OE32S rise, some weaving mill, garment factory for cost saving, high with OE yarn replace C21S, C32 ring spinning; Three, C21S bales bleaching, dyeing, C32S and JC21 JC32S relatively good deal of yarn, including Vietnam, Indonesia and other mills for cotton assorting with good cotton, cotton, cotton and central Asia in Brazil is popular with the Chinese buyers; Four, because of the domestic small and medium-sized. ltd, clothing factory and the dealer inquiry and order the September, October, a lot of carefully, especially C32S and above count yarn clinch a deal the downturn, so the yarn CIF quotation rise, active clearance RMB price reduction, also related to the RMB exchange rate fluctuations of course; Five, the jiangsu and zhejiang, shandong and other places 'without a ticket' is very common to clinch a deal.
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