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Association in shandong cotton line of research: actively adjust the mentality practice internal work - find a gap Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
On September 16 - 19, the cotton industry coordinating in xuchang, henan, shandong heze, jining, zouping textile companies in places such as visiting survey, mainly to understand the current market situation and production operation of the enterprise. The visiting research is given priority to with large and medium-sized enterprises, some enterprises relatively stable customer base, 'mutual heating means of developing' between upstream and downstream enterprises, maintain normal work, the basic capacity production; Affected by a trade war, some enterprise starts slightly insufficient. It is understood that research start around the small enterprise is relatively poor. Due to the complexity of the situation of international trade, financial policy adjustment is frequent, weak downstream demand, the downstream customer order, the current orders for a month or so. Some direct export to USA home textile product order is affected by a large, enterprise actively look for new orders in southeast Asia and other regions, and vigorously develop domestic market. Research to understand, in the face of the current situation, the majority of enterprises to actively adjust the mentality, the guarantee of normal production at the same time, in full assurance of faith effort 'uniting the internal strength', 'insufficient search gap' and 'saving energy and reducing consumption starts from me' and so on series of work, reduce the production cost, improve enterprise survival capacity, efforts to maintain steady development. Some enterprises through more than a week day off, to improve the stability of the employees to achieve good results.
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