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Arrived in gaoqing branch support iot industry base - textile transition bankruptcy Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
In the early 1990 s, in gaoqing began to form, cotton textile industry cluster around 2007, in gaoqing cotton textile industry entered the heyday, and in the same year by the Chinese textile industry association awarded the 'China textile city' title. As cotton textile industry overcapacity, labor-intensive industries to less developed areas and consumer upgrades, traditional cotton weaving industry after 2013 in gaoqing has been declining. Labor-intensive cotton textile industry was defeated, the bankruptcy of textile factories so abandoned? How to realize the economic transformation and upgrading? How to cultivate new economic growth point? And so on a series of problems to be solved. In 2013 in gaoqing is brewing a industry of big bang! In 2015, the bank actively cooperating with step county, zibo city branch promised policy financial support in gaoqing rural information infrastructure construction, new economic development support in gaoqing, finally realizes the old and the new kinetic energy conversion. Step county government capital requirements for large open 'Internet of things' industry base project with hope. In October 2015, zibo arrived and in gaoqing iot industry base construction unit step China resources network technology co. , LTD. Signed a project cooperation agreement, agreed the zibo agriculture development behavior in gaoqing iot industry base project plans to invest 800 million yuan loans, loans benchmark interest rate does not rise, loan time limit is set for 18 years, the greatest extent reduce the project finance charges. The bank loan on 20165 approved, has issued 400 million yuan loans. As of March 2019, step China resources network technology co. , LTD. Has been in bankruptcy unit 'zibo menton textile co. , LTD. ' and 'Gao Qinglan jun textile co. , LTD. ' based on plant and supporting facilities reconstruction became in gaoqing iot industry base. Urban business card of the previous step is 'China textile city', and is now the 'Internet of things industry base in China! Let a person have to exclamation, the bank policy financial intervention, on a city's economic transformation, the urban economy of old and new kinetic energy conversion have worthy of the name 'leverage'! Zibo policy-directed financial support in the project, make in gaoqing built with cloud computing data center as the core of the rural information infrastructure, and effectively promote the development of rural information technology industry in gaoqing, led in gaoqing Yellow River delta area of agriculture, industry, service industry transformation and upgrading, in Internet sales, intelligent logistics, information data storage, data monitoring key industries such as platform provides the necessary foundation of information science and technology. At present, companies such as huawei, alibaba, drops a taxi one after another into the garden, effectively promoted in gaoqing traditional economy to the new economic transformation and upgrading, as a typical example of zibo city economy shifts kinetic energy.
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