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April Indian cotton yarn exports is expected to reduce 80 - compared to the same 90% - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-14
In the latest week, India cotton prices continue to fall, cotton prices continued to weaken. Clothing exports fell 91% in April, 80 - yarn decline in exports is expected 90%. In the week, India cotton prices, other yarn is stable, the stabilizing quotation. It is reported that in March and April Indian cotton yarn production has fallen sharply. India will march CAI has cut 50000 bales of cotton consumption ( 170 kg/bag) , April cut 200000 packets of consumption, consumption may expect to scale down 130000 bales. So far, India textile mill machine gradually recover, this fiscal year, April 2020 - In march, 2021) Cotton consumption expected eventually to reduce 510000 bales, damped by 15%. According to the Indian industry organization investigation, Indian cotton yarn exports is expected to reduce year-on-year in April 80 - Is expected to reduce 35-90% this fiscal year, the actual exports 40%. India clothing export association statistics show that in April Indian clothing exports falling by 91% in dollar terms.
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