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Anqing in anhui cotton prices slashed prices selling ginned cotton - at a loss Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-12
After the New Year's day 2018, anqing in anhui province cotton lint sales not only better, instead of cotton, more cold and cheerless. Large and small cotton mills to prevent the retained lint loss increase and coping with money needs before the Spring Festival, stepping up marketing efforts, at a loss to speed up the lint shipment schedule. As March 12 national cotton reserves out of date comes closer, in the face of cotton textile mills take no positive momentum, anqing cotton prices have generally bearish market outlook. Recently, lint cotton mills more inventory in order to prevent the lint loss increase and deal with before the Spring Festival are in urgent need of money, is actively intensify lint sales, at a loss to lint inventory. It is understood that the current cotton mills lint sales price has dropped to 14000 - 14600 yuan/ton, the returns on slashed 200-10 days ago 400 yuan/ton, some cotton mills lint sales price is lower than cotton acquisition processing cost. Clinch a deal even price sale, lint actual situation is not optimistic. A retained a small factory with more than 400 tons of lint, officials say, New Year for the past three days, only more than 20 tons of lint, sell a car or a xumian processing plant into the goods.
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