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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
The People's Republic of China National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Finance announced in 2016 9, approved by the State Council, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance decision from this phase in order to digest the state national cotton reserves inventory, adjust reserves to a reasonable level. Will now matters related to notice the following: first, national cotton reserves to digest major general idea state national cotton reserves in accordance with the 'asymmetric rotation, first round out of the rear wheel, rounds out less wheel into the' way, specific follow the principle of the following four aspects: one is beneficial to promote the sustained and healthy development of industry. Overall consideration of domestic cotton cultivation and development of the textile industry, good processing stability of cotton production and digest the national cotton reserves, expanding textile cotton demand and promote the relationship between the industrial transformation and upgrading, promote the coordinated development of cotton production, circulation, processing. The second is to guide the market running smoothly. National cotton reserves digest to follow the market rules, round out the normalized and institutionalized, round into the subject, stabilize the market expectations, convenient production and marketing of enterprise planning in advance. 3 it is to reduce the financial burden. Rounds out as much as possible, less wheel, properly prepared national cotton reserves digestion; To improve the way of operation, improve work efficiency, reduce spending as much as possible. Four is conducive to improve the regulatory mechanism cotton reserves. Timely sum up experience, improve the dynamic, specification of national cotton reserves into the wheel mechanism, standardize management of the reserve, constantly improve the reserve regulation efficiency. Second, the national cotton reserves round out the related arrangement ( A) Wheel out of the way. National cotton reserves round out in principle by the national cotton trading market listed for sale in the form of public bidding, the country will increase if necessary other designated trading platform to carry out the national cotton reserves. ( 2) Round of the time. In principle, every year in March to August national legal work daily arrangement of national cotton reserves up for auction. That year from September to February next year listed concentrated suspension of national cotton reserves during wheel out of the crop. ( 3) Round out the number. Under normal circumstances the daily national cotton reserves listed sales quantity does not exceed 50000 tons, specific round out the number will be subject to the actual clinch a deal. As a significant period of domestic and international market prices rise quickly, national cotton reserves for more than 70% sales brought in more than three days a week, will be more appropriate number listed for sale. Storage time long cotton priority arrangement round out. ( 4) Round out the price. National cotton reserves round out the sales floor price subject to dynamically determine, in principle on the sales floor and linked spot cotton prices at home and abroad, by domestic cotton market spot price index and international market of cotton spot price index, calculate and determine the weights of each at 50%, adjusted once a week ( Formula of specific see attachment) 。 ( 5) Notary inspection. Round out the national cotton reserves organized by China fiber inspection bureau of quality and weight determined comprehensively. Three, national cotton reserves into the related arrangement in order to optimize the national cotton reserves inventory quality structure, the national cotton reserves a small round after round out the high quality cotton. Round into the time and set up during the listing of the crop, That year from September to February next year) 。 Round number, mainly according to the national cotton reserves from the previous year round out the actual situation and current cotton market supply and demand determine, in principle is no more than 30% of year round out the actual quantity. Such as after the listing of the crop market supply is tight, will not allow into the national cotton reserves round. Round into the price, subject to. Specific arrangements when issued separately. Four or 2015/2016 national cotton reserves round out the related arrangement for cotton market sales to set aside a certain space, achieve smooth digestive national cotton reserves an orderly transition to the new system, the national cotton reserves 2015/2016 year round out at the same time of follow the above arrangement, time and wheel to wheel out the number for the following detailed provisions: ( A) Wheel out starting in May. Specific round of the time is on May 3, 2016 - National legal working day on August 31, 2016. ( 2) Round out the total does not exceed 2 million tons. In principle for daily sales amount does not exceed 30000 tons, imports of cotton round out the priority arrangement. Five, the other provisions, A) To do a good job in the national cotton reserves round China national cotton reserves management corporation, the national cotton trading market, and China fiber inspection bureau will develop national cotton reserves outbound, auction, notary inspection of relevant implementing rules, and through their website and the national cotton trading market website ( www。 cnce。 com) Made public. ( 2) In national cotton reserves the digestion process, such as cotton market at home and abroad has greatly changed, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance will be in the spirit of concerned under the State Council, to digest related to arrange for appropriate adjustments and improve the national cotton reserves, which shall be announced. Notice is hereby given that the. Attachment: national national cotton reserves round out the sales price calculation formula of the national development and reform committee, Ministry of Finance on April 15, 2016
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