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Anhui seed cotton purchase the end FangQi intends to raise prices - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Anhui office reflect according to the national cotton market monitoring system, the current ( In early march) Seed cotton purchase price and the first quite common in 3. 5 yuan/jins, gross cottonseed sales prices are at zero. 99 - 1. 00 yuan/kg. It is understood that anhui cotton seed cotton purchase progress nearly 95%, processing progress by more than 90%. Before the Spring Festival, due to the textile mill first inventory, lint sales progress is accelerated, the sales prices in 14000 - 14600 yuan/ton range. Lint sales after a small amount for the Spring Festival, selling price is first increased, rises in 100 - 200 yuan/ton. By the end of February, sales progress by more than 60% of the crop, national cotton reserves turn commodity cotton overall sales progress up to 90%. Anhui area have different attitude toward national cotton reserves round out, textile enterprises inventory plenty of small businesses is in no hurry to participate in the round, has plans to auction textile mills are making preparations for a round out the personnel and funds, etc. Spring, local yarn, cloth sales due to the need of enterprise fund withdrawal by the end of present price stability of small and medium-sized fall, FangQi actively running posture. Years sales price and years ago, but it is only a small batch sales. Currently FangQi cotton textile inventory generally is not high, combed pure cotton yarn selling price is in 23200-40 tome 23600 yuan/ton; 32, combed pure cotton yarn selling price is 22000 - 22600 yuan/ton, cloth sales prices basically stable. But because of the traditional peak season is coming, FangQi increases willingness.
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