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by:Chengyi     2020-07-13
In early January, the local more rain and snow weather, cotton prices remain low, cotton mills purchase situation is poorer; In late January, at the end of zheng cotton prices to stimulate and cotton farmers focus on sell, cotton ginning mill actively. At present, anhui along the Yangtze river valley cotton seed cotton purchase schedule close to 95%, the processing progress by more than 85%. Seed cotton purchase prices in 3. 5 yuan/jins, 0 drop in the previous month. 4 yuan/kg; Gross cottonseed sales prices recover 0. 02 - 0. 03 yuan/kg to 0. About 98 yuan/kg. Look from anqing city fiber inspection and inspection data, public prosecutor in January ginned cotton color grade is given priority to with cotton 1/2 in point pollution level, was flat last month; Give priority to with 28 mm length, long exceed 28. 5 mm, was flat last month; The average length uniformity - in 81 82%, slightly better than last month; Average power nearly 29, rising from the previous month; Incompatible micronaire index change is most obvious, A level (60%), B2 (30%). So far there have been three type 400 companies declare lint public prosecutor, the number of 2800 tons, the increase of about 1000 tons last month. Mid to late January, in FangQi first inventory demand driven, local lint sales change, volume increase, the main body to maintain price - in 14000 14600 yuan/ton range, little change from the previous month. Main reason one is the cotton market is still weak, textile mills are still not strong demand, tend to purchase prices lower crop; 2 it is cotton ginning mill lint inventory pressure to sales can't increase the price. Turn the local national cotton reserves commodity cotton sales and sales as a whole of the crop is better but still not ideal. So far, along the Yangtze river basin in anhui cotton stocks most of the crop has amounted to 800 ~ 1000 tons, in addition to the textile factory subordinate cotton ginning mill since the charge for private use, the rest of the cotton ginning mill lint sales accounts for only about 40% of the total progress. Local traders on the purchase and sale of the crop to take 'sales order' strategy, have sales orders to replenish onr's stock, basic zero inventory. The Spring Festival approaching, FangQi start small batch more inventory, for the Spring Festival starts after use, lint inventory according to the enterprise financial conditions comfortable degree is different, maintained at 15 60 days. End of that month, yarn, cloth sales as companies repatriate funds need still present prices decline, FangQi positive sales prices, product inventory generally is not high. At present, combed pure cotton yarn returns on the 23200-40 23600 yuan/ton; At combed pure cotton yarn selling price of 22000-32 Fell 100-22600 yuan/ton, from the previous month 200 yuan/ton.
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