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Anhui's cotton output is expected to increase FangQi auctions national cotton reserves - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
In the first half of this year the weather is very suitable for cotton production in anhui, sufficient sunlight, not only the temperature is appropriate and the good crop weather, now looks like the cotton is generally good. Looks like the good cotton leaves has more than 85 cm high, branch - 4 5 / plant, there are 2 - on each branch Four cotton boll, few can have red flowers; Looks like the poor cotton leaves nearly 50 cm high. Weather permitting, cotton output this year is expected to rise sharply, seed cotton quality will be improved obviously. Anhui province 2017 annual cotton subsidies target price reform per acre and standard limit is 101 yuan. Anqing cotton cotton planting area in recent years, influenced by the seed cotton purchase prices down year by year showed a trend of decline, the acreage fell 10% this year 15%. In June, the local textile enterprises according to the production demand. Because few lint spot on the market, in addition to the individual oversize textile group due to the production and use XinJiangMian and imports of cotton high count, the rest of the textile enterprises to purchase cotton turned national cotton reserves of bidding, participate in manufacturer is gradually increased, bidding clinch a deal the quantity increased accordingly. Cotton textile enterprises inventory maintained in 10 - 15 days. The results from this month's auction clinchs a deal, FangQi bidding more rational, insist on demand. At present large textile mill is given priority to with national cotton reserves in xinjiang cotton, property collocation of national cotton reserves; Small and medium-sized textile factory all use real estate national cotton reserves. In early June, pure cotton yarn sales remain high, smooth shipment. Combed pure cotton yarn 40 tome selling price is controlled in 24200 yuan/ton, 32, combed pure cotton yarn selling price is 23200 yuan/ton. But as the cotton, cotton futures prices, and national cotton reserves auction clinchs a deal price falls, pure cotton yarn sales fell in price stability, at the end of June's team combed pure cotton yarn 40 returns on at about 24000 yuan/ton. Affected by cotton prices were low and the arrival of sales season, most FangQi cotton yarn sales performance as the selling price pressure, shipment acceptable; A few companies are slowing sales, increasing inventory. Compared with cotton yarn, cotton cloth, market.
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