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Anhui: pure cotton yarn sales smoothly GeChang is different - the Spring Festival holiday Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
National cotton market monitoring station in anhui, although the positive textile off-season, the Spring Festival is approaching, again but on different scale cotton textile enterprises in anhui province survey, companies are still normal production, pure cotton yarn sales smoothly and sales prices are stable, there is rising in a few varieties of plant individual stability, gains - 100 200 yuan/ton. 32's mainstream combed pure cotton yarn sales prices in 19500 - 19800 yuan/ton, 40 cigarettes mainstream combed pure cotton yarn sales prices in 20500 - 20800 yuan/ton. After more than two months to cotton yarn inventory, most plant cotton yarn inventory has returned to normal levels, at 15 30 days, few factory low air spinning pure cotton yarn is in short supply recently. Cotton yarn sales, but dare not to save ginned cotton textile mills generally, adhere to buy along with it, lint inventory levels in 15 - basically 30 days, a few only about 10 days lint inventory. But some cotton factory said the inventory level is not high, consider a period of time after the Spring Festival production needs, has increased in cotton purchase quantity, to ensure that in place before the lunar New Year holiday lint inventory to production for 1 month. Usual FangQi Spring Festival holiday time mostly in the bottom of the twelfth lunar month, but in view of the downstream textile vacation time this year might have in advance may differ, in addition to the state factory and large FangQi will perform 7 - or reference to implement the provisions of the state holiday Eight days, some small and medium-sized textile mill is flexible, said temporary indefinite holiday time, satellite will be according to the cotton yarn sales have a holiday, that is to say, the downstream customers in advance without a willingness to purchase of the cotton yarn to start off for the holiday, the holiday time has long have short, in 10 - 20 days.
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