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Anhui FangQi pricing intentions obvious - fully operative yarn and cloth Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
Recently, the anhui textile factory has been fully return to work around some textile mills have been implemented full production. And some textile mills as hired more migrant workers, to slightly delay time, led to the current machine is not high, basic can full production after the Lantern Festival. At present, the local part of the small and medium-sized textile cotton exist for original materials storehouse 1 months or so, with the national cotton reserves round out soon cohesion; A few smaller FangQi cotton material also said don't try so hard, the because of local cotton ginning mill lint inventory is more, you can purchase at any time; Large textile mills and spinning high count, because of the large cotton consumption of cotton quality is higher, so under the premise that keep cotton right amount inventory normalized with purchasing XinJiangMian is given priority to, some recent FangQi ready to outer cotton procurement for raw materials. After cotton yarn, cotton cloth sales started, clinch a deal for small batch, clinch a deal the price and preganglionic no change, but because of the textile peak season is coming, most of the textile mills to raise prices obviously.
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