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Anhui anqing seed cotton purchase basic lint, cotton mills assists sales - end Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
Recently, the China cotton net correspondent to visit anqing in anhui province been recorded learned that most of the cotton ginning mill seed cotton purchase, processing is over, only a few cotton ginning mill has been recorded in wangjiang, SuSong on acquisitions. Due to the seed cotton resource has a bottom, cotton ginning mill, volume is not large, in several one thousand kg to twenty thousand catties. In the face of poor quality of seed cotton, cotton ginning mill give the purchase price in 2. 20 - 2. 90 yuan/jin, from march mainstream price cut for 0. 15 yuan/kg. Gross cottonseed sales ex-factory price of 0. 95 yuan/jin, a retreat 0 at the beginning of this month. 5 yuan/kg. For this year's cotton city continues to weaken, lint sales slow progress, local cotton ginning mill has lint inventory, inventory more than 500 - 600 tons, the less there are 200 tons, so cotton ginning mill will focus on lint sales. Telephone contact, door-to-door, and old customers to help marketing techniques are used, such as cotton sales slightly better. According to wangjiang, head of a small factory, this two days lint sales price is 13900 - 14400 yuan/ton, compared with the early stage of the 100 yuan/tons, but sales have increased. However, the boss said that if the cotton prices don't cooperate, lint sales will still be a long way to go.
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