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Anhui anqing sales not free of the crop for small plant stop - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Learned, anqing in anhui province recently recorded in many small factory due to poor sales of the crop, less than a month of the crop in begin business acquisition time choose to stop watching. In September, has been recorded in anqing wangjiang, SuSong, taihu lake near 10 type 400 and type 200 cotton mills has begin business acquisition of crop seed cotton purchase prices generally in 3. 30 - 3. 40 yuan/kg, the highest price to 3. 45 yuan/kg. So far, there have been two cotton mills seed cotton volume has exceeded 700000 jins, several began seed cotton processing, cotton mills listed in succession of the crop. Due to early that the poor quality of seed cotton, cotton color after processing level can achieve, some dirty cotton grade 2 and cotton mills acquire processing cost is controlled in 14500 yuan/ton, and the current textile mill is still keen to auction ginned cotton quality and prices are recognized national cotton reserves, sales of the crop is not smooth, small plant under pressure. In addition, wet weather in recent days, with the local weather forecast, during the National Day long vacation anqing will be sounds very rare in the history of weather, makes it hard for seed cotton quality will improve. Poor cotton sales as well as the bad weather, many small factory chose to stop.
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