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Anhui anqing minority cotton mills to stay seed cotton price stability ginned cotton price rise - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
According to the correspondent of China cotton network feedback, after the Spring Festival, anqing in anhui province recorded in existing a few cotton prices return to work and most of the cotton mills as cotton futures market better, said such as the 1051 day start. At present, the local seed cotton purchase price with the first, the first lint sales prices. The 7th day, On February 22nd) , wangjiang county, a small cotton ginning mill first restore the seed cotton purchase after the Spring Festival, and then there are 1 400 cotton ginning mill and 1 small acquisition of seed cotton factory opened the door. After seed cotton purchase price in 2. 80 - 3. Between 10 yuan/kg, compared with preganglionic no change, remained stable. But as a result of the local farmers visit family and friends is still in the holiday atmosphere, cotton ginning mill seed cotton volume is generally not high, more than 4 - 50000 jins, less a few one thousand catties. Construction of cotton ginning mill seed cotton purchase has to undertake, but hasn't started seed cotton processing, gross cottonseed sales is negotiable without the city. Lint sales small batch, the price is in 14400 yuan/tons, a 100 - years ago rise 200 yuan/ton.
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