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Anhui Anqing lint spot is hard to find, traders turn to reserve cotton

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
According to the feedback from the information staff of the Anqing Monitoring Station of the National Cotton Market Monitoring System, in May, the acquisition and processing of seed cotton in the Anqing Cotton District of Anhui Province has been fully completed, and the lint spot transaction has changed from the previous downturn and entered an active state.   The improvement in lint spot trading is prominently manifested in both volume and price. The spot trading volume of lint is heavy, and some factories send 2-3 carts of lint a day. According to the person in charge of a small factory in Wangjiang, more than 400 tons of lint in the factory's inventory were sold out within half a month. The transaction price rose slightly, and the mainstream lint spot net weight pick-up price was 13,900-14,700 yuan/ton, an increase of about 100 yuan/ton from the previous month.   Through this round of rapid sales, it is now difficult to find bulk lint in stock in the local area. Since there is no lint cotton spot on the market, some local cotton traders have turned their attention to bidding for reserve cotton. From March to April, a local cotton enterprise with a large lint marketing scale did not bid for reserve cotton. In May, it had bid for more than 520 tons of reserve cotton to ensure the cotton demand of downstream textile customers. Article Keywords:  Cotton Enterprise Anhui Zhahua Factory
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