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Anhui anqing FangQi sloping stable sales - cotton assorting to reserves Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
Anhui office according to the national cotton market monitoring system, the recent local spring sowing work in full swing. From the spring sowing, the seed cotton purchase price has been falling in recent years, the influence of such factors as planting area has lowered this year. Since the national cotton reserves round, anqing in anhui area trader does not appear early 2017 rings out bidding enterprise, the phenomenon of clinch a deal amount is larger, more FangQi auction is very rational, on-demand bidding strategy. Due to national cotton reserves bidding sell-through rate is low and clinch a deal the price lower, plus a lot of local ChanMian cotton prices have a certain number of inventory, anqing cotton textile enterprises have cotton, so cotton inventories declined from the previous month, the inventory in 10 - generally 15 days. As the wheel, the local textile mills tend to switch to national cotton reserves, have been adjusted on cotton assorting. Expected future large textile will give priority to with XinJiangMian or reserve XinJiangMian cotton; Small and medium-sized textile mills to national cotton reserves and ChanMian collocation. In march, local cotton yarn, cotton cloth sales price last month and well go goods, inventory is low. Currently, FangQi combed pure cotton yarn selling price in 23200-40 tome 23600 yuan/ton, 32 combed pure cotton yarn selling price is 22000 - 22600 yuan/ton, individual variety price increases slightly. The piece goods sales prices basically stable.
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