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by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Learned, anqing in anhui province recorded during the National Day, Mid-Autumn festival for 8 holiday among two fine rain, sunny days and rainy days half, temperatures appear 'roller coaster', sunny days to 31 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature on rainy days the highest temperature is only 14 degrees Celsius. Hot and cold, sunny and rainy weather for cotton production, cotton bolls of open bolls and enterprise acquisition and processing. Anqing recorded during long holidays, whether it is a seed cotton purchase, sales of the crop, and cottonseed shipment appear weak cold and cheerless. Mainly reflects in: one is cotton mills acquisition of seed cotton enthusiasm is not high, seed cotton purchase price stability and fall. The highest seed cotton purchase price has dropped to 3. About 40 yuan/kg, with previous highest 3. 45 yuan/jin have 0 than the purchase price. 5 yuan/jins. Cotton mills, volume is very limited, also common in several one thousand pounds to 20000 jins, there is only one FangQi subordinate cotton ginning mill capacity acquisition, seed cotton volume 5 - every day 70000 jins, seed cotton purchase amount of more than 1. 2 million jins, while other cotton mills seed cotton purchase amount are below 800000 jins, some are just begin business. 2 it is gross cottonseed sales price also depressed, selling price in 1. 01 yuan/jins. Three is due to the high cost, poor quality of the crop is real estate sales, cotton mills is in a hurry.
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