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American line at Intertextile - 2015 Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Intertextile 2015 in beautiful clovers - Shanghai national conference and exhibition center began. More than 70000 people from more than 100 countries will enjoy this grand gathering. China international clothing fair ( In the fall) Exhibition held in the same period, the double linkage to promote synergy on fashion degree and traffic, a textile and garment event is in Shanghai. It is reported that the United States line industry will be there with A&E and Gutermann two brands dressed up 8. No. 1 pavilions E41 booth. As the world's leading supplier of sewing thread, it will come from ocean the other shore of the wind of fashion with deutsche rigorous spirit fusion, will the clothing brand in the world to offer world-class solutions 'sewing'. In the pursuit of excellence quality at the same time, the American line industry has been committed to build a green supply chain, lead the road of sustainable development. Reported that on October 14, the lecture will be held in the meeting, and how the audience to discuss the problem of the global integration, the environment is more and more serious in big background, the optimization of supply chain configuration to improve the competitive ability of the product. In 'business men's clothing', 'leisure sports' such as sewing of the solution at the same time, the American line booth is to arrange the scene of the interesting games, look forward to working with you on easy interaction with American style. American line booth with 'Global Seam Competence, The Path to Success' as The theme, and its two big brand in The Chinese mainland appeared for The first time, and The Global high quality clothing brand embodies The common determination to create a 'green supply chain'.
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