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Aksu xinjiang freight subsidies have been obtained from 52 cotton enterprises 1. 1. 2 billion yuan - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
On July 23 from aksu area finance bureau learned that, so far, has cash cotton spinning enterprise freight subsidies xinjiang products 1. 1. 2 billion yuan, xinjiang waffer, such as textiles, 52 cotton spinning enterprise benefit, it also means that cotton production cotton marketing costs on the mainland is reduced greatly. District bureau of the jianke relevant controller introduces, according to the state and the autonomous region, region in various counties ( City) Registration, and to pay taxes in accordance with the production of chemical fiber, cotton, wool textile, garment, home textile products, and the regional real estate cotton spin as raw material to produce and sell to the mainland products, all kinds of wool spinning, wool yarn and clothing, towels, household kits, and industrial textiles, such as terminal products, related products are given a certain amount of money per ton. One of yarn, weaving products, yarn products more than 32 ( Including 32) ChuJiangMian yarn, give freight subsidy of 1000 yuan per ton, the following 32 ChuJiangMian yarn, 900 yuan per ton freight subsidies; Wool spinning wool, jute spinning cloth, wool, jute spinning yarn products subsidies of 1000 yuan per ton; Clothing, home textiles, industrial textiles, etc. , according to the same period to realize the constructing freight subsidies for 4% of the sales of the products. According to the the subsidy standards, according to various counties (area City) Cotton spinning enterprise application, after examined by region, have the subsidy funds all the cash to the enterprise.
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